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 International Organ Competition Musashino-Tokyo (IOCM) was established in 1988, aiming to discover talented organists, not only in Japan but also from abroad, to contribute to their development, and to promote international exchange. Since then, the competition has been conducted once every four years. As the only international organ competition in Asia, it has attained world-wide recognition. Each competition has brought numerous applicants from around the globe as well as internationally renowned judges. The competition is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC, Geneva). During the competition period, many related concerts, recitals and master classes are held throughout the city, and people enjoy them as community events.

 At the 8th competition (2017), we had 57 applicants from 16 countries who went through a rigorous process of judging to reach the final two weeks of competition.

 The organists who have participated in our competition in the past are active performers around the world, touching many hearts with their artistry and talents.


The 1st(1988) Number of applicants:51 (7 countries)
The 2nd(1992) Number of applicants:68 (18 countries)
The 3rd(1996) Number of applicants:40 (13 countries)
The 4th(2000) Number of applicants:67 (11 countries)
2003 IOCM joins the World Federation of International Music Competitions
The 5th(2004) Number of applicants:106 (23 countries)
The 6th(2008) Number of applicants:152 (27 countries)
The 7th(2012) Number of applicants:120 (21 countries)
The 8th(2017) Number of applicants:57 (16 countries)

Venue and Organ


Musashino Civic Cultural Hall ("Musashino Shimin Bunka Kaikan")

Marcussen & Søn, 1984 


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