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Musashino Foundation for Culture and Lifelong Learning

“This foundation aims to offer a variety of opportunities for residents to experience activities in arts and culture, sports, and lifelong learning. It also strives to contribute to the achievement of a vibrant community and creation of a rich civic life for residents through lifelong learning for everyone by supporting learning, activities, and exchange carried out by the residents themselves.” (from Article 3 “Objectives” in the Articles of Incorporation)
Musashino is a city of approximately 148,000 that is located almost in the center of Tokyo. It is broadly divided into the three station areas of Kichijoji, Chuo (Mitaka), and Musashisakai along JR Chuo Line that runs east-west within the city. Musashino makes the most of the characteristics of the three station areas and promotes urban development that enables residents to continue living with peace of mind.
As the designated administrator, this foundation manages multiple lifelong learning facilities in Musashino to bolster a robust civic life.

*Received an award in FY2020 from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for “activities supporting lifelong learning of persons with disabilities” (advocate award).